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MARCH 2020

AFEPASA continues to work to supply all its products during the crisis caused by Covid-19




A few weeks ago, when the first news about the expansion of the Covid-19 coronavirus began to spread, it was difficult to imagine that we would be in a situation like the present. Since the beginning of the health crisis, which has been affecting our country and the rest of the world in recent weeks, agriculture has placed itself at the forefront, along with other strategic sectors, to carry out fundamental work to supply food to the population.

Not surprisingly, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has published an informative note on the application of Royal Decree 463/202 on the state of alarm to clarify that "agricultural, livestock and aquaculture production (...) form the supply chain food whose activity must be guaranteed in the alarm state situation. This implies that the activity of agrifood companies (…) must also be maintained, but also that of companies that, in turn, supply them with the necessary supplies for their operation”.

Given the current situation that we are experiencing, in AFEPASA, as a supplier of agricultural inputs and, therefore, a key link in the agrifood chain, we have taken the following measures:

  • We are working hard to continue supplying all our products, both nationally and internationally. This is also possible because we work with European suppliers, therefore, not affected by certain mobility restrictions. Furthermore, we continue to work hand in hand with our distribution network to ensure that the products reach all of our farmer customers.
  • For this, our production plant and logistics team are still at full capacity, but, in line with our commitment to the safety and health of our human team, all the instructions of the health authorities are being followed, with all the Regulatory Individual Protective Equipment (PPE), among other prevention measures.
  • Only the strictly necessary personnel are attending their jobs in person. The rest of the colleagues that make up our human team are teleworking.

At AFEPASA we want to value the effort and dedication of all those professionals who in these complicated moments are working hard to ensure health, safety and the supply of basic products such as food. Thank you all for your tireless work.