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The responsibility of AFEPASA with its environment as a basic premise to face the present and future of the entity


  • The involvement of AFEPASA with its environment is not only limited to the development of ecological and sustainable agricultural solutions and is evidenced through the integration of environmentally responsible practices.
  • The entity's environmental management systems are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and EMAS standards.
  • As required by the aforementioned EMAS certification, the company has presented its annual Environmental Declaration, which reflects the effort and commitment made in environmental matters.


The fact of betting decisively for a greater involvement and responsibility with the environment and the protection of the environment is not only limited to the research and development of ecological and sustainable solutions for the development of agriculture, aimed at the fertilization, biostimulation and protection of crops against pests and diseases.

It should also be considered as a basic element in this sense to extrapolate this commitment to the very structure of the organization and the production processes that are developed in it.

For this reason, AFEPASA has for several years had an environmental management system certified under the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, which includes those standard indicators that a company must meet, regardless of its sector, to consider that its processes comply satisfactorily with current regulations in this regard.

And not only that. In the words of Marc Melero, head of quality, environment and safety at AFEPASA, “the environment is, without a doubt, a key priority factor for our entity, which is why we not only limit ourselves to having the UNE- Certification. EN ISO 14001, but we go further in this regard, incorporating the criteria required by a much more demanding environmental certification, such as EMAS ”. In this sense, AFEPASA has received the ‘Silver’ distinction for this environmental management system, which comes to recognize the more than ten years that the company has adhered to this system.

Consequently, each year the required Environmental Declaration is developed within the organization to help AFEPASA properly comply with the criteria established by the European Union Regulation EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). In this sense, the company has presented the Environmental Declaration for the year 2019, which, as stated by Manel Montaño, General Director of AFEPASA, “reflects the effort and commitment made by our organization since we assumed our responsibility for the environment. ambient".

This annual report includes, in an orderly and structured way, all the measures carried out for the implementation of improvements aimed at achieving a more efficient and sustainable consumption of resources, as well as in relation to the implementation of the most appropriate systems to reduce the generation of waste and optimize its management as much as possible.

In relation to this aspect, special attention is paid to the carbon footprint, calculating the CO2 released into the atmosphere both directly, in the production processes, and indirectly by suppliers and distributors during the supply and supply phases. transportation of products to points of sale. Likewise, there are also approved washing systems for SO2.

As stated by Manel Montaño “parallel to our environmental commitment to society, we are determined that this be extended to our contractors and suppliers, and even to our clients and other interested parties, making them participate in our involvement with the environment through talks or demanding that they have the corresponding ISO 14001 certification, with the conviction that a global effort will result in an improvement in the quality of our environment”.