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JUNE 2020

SULTECH® Technology: the comprehensive solution for the perfect natural bio-stimulation of your crops

  • Microbiological sulphur, combined with the SULTECH® formula, provides a biostimulant effect unique on the market.
  • SULTECH® technology is the result of several years of research focused on microbiological sulphur and the optimisation of its formula for maximum crop yield.
  • Learn about all of the benefits that the different products AFEPASA’s SULTECH® range can offer you.

Sulphur is a farmer’s old friend and has been used as an organic phytosanitary for years. In recent years, its value as a fertiliser has been scientifically proven. This process was completed in 2019 when the most recent European Union fertiliser regulation, Regulation (EU) 2019/1009, recognised sulphur as a secondary macroelement.

We developed the breakthrough of sulphur as a biostimulant in the AFEPASA R&D&I laboratories. Applying microbiological sulphur to a formula that is unique in the industry makes this type of sulphur a biostimulant that cannot be matched.

Firstly, the development of microbiological sulphur from natural bacteria offers a wide range of beneficial properties for increasing soil fertility and health. This is due to the fact that it is produced by natural micro-organisms and contributes to better assimilation by the soil’s microbiota. Sulphur is absorbed more easily by bacteria and fungi in the soil as it is produced naturally by micro-organisms from waste.

Furthermore, AFEPASA is demonstrating its commitment to the circular economy by using this technology to generate sulphur. The sulphur is obtained from industrial waste and then given a ‘new life’. This avoids treatments which can turn the sulphur into a toxic agent that is harmful to the environment.

SULTECH® sulphur is obtained through this R&D process. It offers a particle size that is considerably smaller than micronized and sublimated sulphur and has a completely different crystalline structure. This facilitates optimum absorption by the bacteria that make up the agricultural soil.

On the other hand, applying the SULTECH® formula consists of the development of a coformulation that is based exclusively on metabolites of vegetable origin, specifically designed to improve the microbial population in the crop in which it is applied.

This means there is an extra supply of high-quality organic matter as well as amino acids, which are specifically aimed to promote the development and growth of plants in stressful environments. This improves the health of both the crop and the soil.

Finally, its greater solubility compared to other forms of sulphur allows it to be more easily used and more accessible to the soil, especially if it is complemented by other products of the range that are rich in essential micronutrients, such as the world-class Triumphalis.

Triumphalis is top of the SULTECH® range products. It is a useful biostimulant that helps the plant recover from abiotic stress as it is made up of a selection of specially chosen amino acids which help strengthen the plant, these amino acids include tryptophan, glycine, lysine, glutamic acid, or betaine.

Triumphalis provides the plant with the sulphur it needs in order to synthesise its own amino acids. It then, in turn, acts as a regulator for the assimilation of other nutrients, thanks to its balance of other essential macronutrients, such as potassium and nitrogen.

SULTECH® sulphur is not water repellent which makes it act like a suspension, promoting the stability of the formula and its assimilation.

In this sense, its main properties for combating abiotic effects are summarised below:

  • It facilitates the plants’ recovery from stress caused by environmental phenomena.
  • It lowers the plants’ energy consumption when producing its own amino acids, enzymes, and other hormones.
  • Radicular application stimulates root growth. Foliar application stimulates plant growth.
  • It participates in the synthesis of essential amino acids, such as cysteine and methionine.
  • It increases the fruit’s production and quality.
  • It offers a high potassium content which improves the size of the plant and other organoleptic properties.
  • It can be used during any phenological stage of the crop.

One of the main aspects that distinguishes AFEPASA from other companies engaged in the treatment and marketing of sulphur for agricultural use, is its marked awareness of being an innovative agent in the industry. Working since it was founded more than 125 years ago to continually improve its different solutions for the protection, fertilisation, and natural bio-stimulation of crops.

In this sense, AFEPASA’s effort to successfully develop SULTECH® technology in recent years is remarkable. It is the combination of two technologies which have enormous agricultural potential and value; the obtention of microbiological sulphur from natural bacteria and its innovative and exclusive SULTECH® formula.